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Representing private higher education institutions in Pakistan, contributing to the growth and development of the education sector in the country.

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Member Universities of APSUP
(Association of Private Sector Universities of Pakistan)

This year’s conference, themed

“Sustainable Workforce Development: HR, Innovation, and Technology in Harmony,”

is a critical endeavor. It aims to unite Pakistan’s academic leaders to empower our youth for an evolving Our theme highlights the need for innovative solutions in education. We must bridge the gap between our youth’s potential and the challenges they face in securing meaningful employment.

Sub Theme

Theme 1: Rising to the Challenge: Pakistan Higher Education and Global Workforce.

Theme 2: Creating Impact: Strategies for Integrating Entrepreneurship
and Research Commercialization in Higher Education.

Theme 3: Impact of emerging technologies and AI on Higher Education:
Challenges and Opportunities.

Regional Chapters

This chapter is dedicated to the private sector universities in Punjab. It is led by an elected president who plays a pivotal role in championing the interests of universities in this region.

Covering both Sindh and Balochistan, this chapter is instrumental in addressing the needs of private sector universities in these areas. The elected president serves as a dedicated advocate for universities in these regions.

The Islamabad chapter is responsible for private sector universities located in the federal capital. Its elected president is committed to promoting the welfare of these institutions.

The KP chapter focuses on the private sector universities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Its elected president works diligently to represent and advance the concerns of these institutions.

About Us

APSUP emerged as an indispensable entity in the wake of a pressing need to address the multifaceted challenges confronting the higher education sector, particularly by the private sector universities.

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