Pakistan Pavilion at Eurasian Higher Education Summit (EURIE)


Eurasian Higher Education Summit (EURIE) 2023 provided an opportunity to more than 2000 delegates from 2000 universities to learn from one another’s best practices and experiences. APSUP, being the sole represen­tative body of private sector institutions, took the opportunity to develop strategic partnerships from the EURIE platform by establishing Pakistan Pavilion.

The first ever delegation of Pakistani universities, headed  by the Chairman APSUP Prof. Dr. Ch. Abdul Rehman, participated in EURIE 2023 in Istanbul. The 32 member delegation comprised education leaders from 20 universities took part by setting up their stalls at the first ever Pakistani Pavilion at EURIE.

More than 100 MOUs were signed between the Pakistani universities and participating universities at EURIE.

Three group level collaborations were developed by APSUP with Brazil Universities Congress, EU Association, and EURAS Association that called for joint institutional efforts for improving the state of knowledge economy streams and development of 21st century ready human resource.

Academic programs being offered by Pakistani universities were presented by APSUP to the invitees of EURIE and opportunities for student & faculty exchange along with offering of joint academic program were explored.

Haldun Goktas. Deputy President Higher Education Council, Prof Dr Mustafa Aydin President Euras, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Choudhary Coordinator General COMSTECH, Chairman APSUP Prof. Dr. Ch. Abdul Rehman, Nauman Aslam Consul General Pakistan Istanbul along with Pakistani delegation held mutually beneficial discussions and jointly inaugurated Pakistani Pavilion. Prof. Dr. Ch. Abdul Rehman extended thanks to all 34 members of the Pakistani delegation for their cooperation and participation.

Prof. Dr. Sumaira, the Rector of Superior University, Lahore, Pakistan, made a significant impact during the Eurasian Higher Education Summit by delivering an insightful talk on Superior University’s notable contributions to higher education. With her expertise and visionary leadership, she highlighted the university’s innovative approach to student development and employability through the introduction of the 3U1M Experiential Learning Framework.

Educational leaders at EURIE lauded the efforts of APSUP for undertaking practical steps for internationalization of higher education through this important international forum.

During the visit to Turkiye, the Pakistani delegation also expressed solidarity with earthquake affected people. The delegation also visited leading Turkish universities and collaborative agreements were signed with leading international universities.

Global Collaborations

APSUP’s participation in the Eurasian Higher Education Summit offered an outstanding platform for Higher Education Institutions to cultivate international collaborations. This summit served as a gathering point for esteemed academic institutions from Eurasia and beyond, enabling meaningful dialogue, sharing of best practices, and the exploration of partnership prospects. With a steadfast dedication to global engagement, APSUP assumed a prominent role in representing Pakistan’s higher education sector. Through active involvement in discussions, networking sessions, and panel talks, APSUP’s representatives showcased their commitment to fostering collaborations that propel academic brilliance and foster cross-cultural understanding.

Exchange Programs

The participation of APSUP in the Eurasian Higher Education Summit resulted in the successful establishment of exchange programs between Pakistani and international institutions. These programs present an exceptional opportunity for students and faculty members to expand their perspectives, immerse themselves in diverse academic settings, and enhance their intercultural competencies. By engaging in these exchange programs, participants contribute to fostering international understanding, nurturing academic development, and cultivating global perspectives.


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Research Collaborations

At the Eurasian Higher Education Summit, the inaugural Pakistani pavilion emerged as a central hub for collaborative research endeavors between Pakistani and international universities. Researchers from various institutions gathered to engage in fruitful discussions, share their research interests, and delve into opportunities for joint research projects. The partnerships forged during the summit hold great potential to enhance the quality and impact of research conducted by APSUP and its affiliated institutions. Through the facilitation of knowledge exchange and cross-cultural understanding, these research collaborations will make significant contributions to advancing academic excellence and generating innovative solutions to global challenges.
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Humanitarian Support

During the Eurasian Higher Education Summit, APSUP exhibited global solidarity and humanitarian support. Superior University, a member of APSUP, generously donated 400,000 Turkish lira for earthquake relief in Turkey. The donation was handed over to Elif Aydin, Vice Chairman of the Board of the Anatolian Education and Cultural Foundation Türkiye, by Prof. Dr. Abdul Rehman and Prof. Dr. Sumaira Rehman. The University of Lahore, The University of Faisalabad and The University of Sialkot also contributed to the rehabilitation efforts. This act emphasized the strong Pakistan-Turkey friendship and APSUP’s commitment beyond academics.

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