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Higher education is a key driver in building substantial human capital for socio-economic growth in any country by unequivocally facilitating the transfer of knowledge about new information, products, and technologies created by others and increasing creativity to boosts a country’s own capacity to create new knowledge. Pakistan’s Higher Education Institutions have a responsibility towards the graduates to enrich them with a thriving skillset and the ability to innovate. This is only possible by developing a cooperative network of HEIs that act as a change catalyst by bringing all major stakeholders of academia at one platform. Higher education institutions in our country need to assure the relevance of the latest knowledge, identify skills gaps and create special programs that can be helpful in improving economic prosperity and social cohesion. We need to produce adapt workforce as per the rapidly changing demands for new skills by supporting improvement in productivity and growth. the Rectors’ Conference of this year embarks on a crucial journey—to equip our youth with the tools to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by a rapidly evolving global workforce. Through collective efforts, innovative strategies, and a resolute commitment to entrepreneurship, technology-driven education, innovation, and research commercialization, we aspire to shape a brighter future for Pakistan. In this future, our graduates not only find their path to success but also lead the way in shaping a sustainable, vibrant society while contributing to the global workforce
Prof. Dr. Ch. Abdul Rehman
Founding Chairman

About Rectors Conference

Rectors Conference is an initiative of Superior University under the leader- ship of Rector, Dr. Sumaira Rehman, to encourage a collaborative approach among Higher Education Institutions by sharing best practices and catalyzing academic excellence. The three previous Rectors’ Conferences, convened in November 2018, November 2019, and December 2022, served as crucial milestones in our continuous pursuit of advancing higher education in Pakistan. These gatherings successfully achieved their primary objectives, which were to discern existing gaps within academia and shed light on the formidable challenges confronting the leadership of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across the spectrum, encompassing both the public and private sectors. In these impactful conferences, we were honored to host a diverse and influential assembly of participants. These included more than 100 Vice Chancellors and Rectors, individuals who represent the helm of educational institutions nationwide. Additionally, we were privileged to welcome over 50 Industry Representatives, who provided invaluable insights into the ever-evolving demands of the job market and the interface between academia and industry. The conferences also featured the active participation of 10 Government Regulatory Body Officials, whose perspectives and contributions were instrumental in charting the way forward for our educational landscape. Moreover, we were fortunate to collaborate with 10+ International Partners and speakers, whose global perspectives and experiences enriched the discourse and provided valuable benchmarks for our educational endeavors.

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This year’s conference has a vital mission: to unite Pakistan’s academic leadership under the theme ‘Sustainable Workforce Development: HR, Innovation, and Technology in Harmony.’ It addresses the need to empower our burgeoning youth population with skills and knowledge to drive economic growth, job creation, and innovation. Despite half a million graduates annually, only 35-40% find suitable employment, highlighting limited opportunities. Our role as guardians of higher education requires us to instill an entrepreneurial spirit, introducing entrepreneurship-focused courses, incubators, accelerators, and promoting entrepreneurship activities among students. Innovation and research commercialization play critical roles, fostering agility and practical applications. This conference provides a platform to assess current practices, align academic content with global workforce needs, emphasize innovation, and promote collaboration among institutions. We aim to equip our youth for a rapidly evolving global workforce, fostering a brighter future where graduates lead in shaping a sustainable, vibrant society and contributing to the global workforce.

This year’s conference, themed

“Sustainable Workforce Development: HR, Innovation, and Technology in Harmony,”

is a critical endeavor. It aims to unite Pakistan’s academic leaders to empower our youth for an evolving Our theme highlights the need for innovative solutions in education. We must bridge the gap between our youth’s potential and the challenges they face in securing meaningful employment.

Sub Theme

Theme 1: Rising to the Challenge: Pakistan Higher Education and Global Workforce.

Theme 2: Creating Impact: Strategies for Integrating Entrepreneurship
and Research Commercialization in Higher Education.

Theme 3: Impact of emerging technologies and AI on Higher Education:
Challenges and Opportunities.


– Vice Chancellors & Rectors

– International Academic Leaders & Vice Chancellors

– Representatives of HEC & PHEC

– Key Stakeholders of Academia

– Government Dignitaries

– International delegates

– Industry Leaders

– Diplomats

Roundtable Plan

14th October10:00 amSarhad University – KPK 
17th October 2:00 pmQuaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad
19th October 2:00 pmGreenwich University, Karachi 
23rd October 10:00 amUniversity of Balochistan, Quetta 
26th October 10:00 amInstitute of Southern Punjab, Multan

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Venue/ Date/ Time

Date: 1-3 December | Venue: Comstech, Islamabad Time: 09.00 AM - 05.00 PM

Let’s Collaborate

Join hands with us to facilitate the academic sector of Pakistan. We invite you to become a contributor to the concept of bringing a paradigm shift in academia by becoming a co-host/ sponsor/ collaborator for Rectors Conference 2022 and jointly inviting all academic institutions, industry officials and regulatory bodies in your region. Our combined efforts will act as a catalyst to achieve the national agendas pertaining to Higher Education in both public and private sectors.


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